Reskill your competencies to take on new jobs

More than 2,600 mid-career switchers and 900 companies have benefited from the Career Conversion Programmes (CCPs) in the first half of 2020.

What are CCPs?

CCPs are career conversion programmes targeted at mid-career Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs), to undergo skills conversion and move into new occupations or sectors that have good prospects and opportunities for progression.

Our Programmes

SGTech is the programme manager for 3 CCPs – Digital Sales Executive, SAP Consultants and Salesforce Platform Professionals. These CCPs operate under the Place-and-Train model where PMETs are selected and hired by participating companies before undergoing training.

Digital Sales

  • Digital Sales Executive


  • Salesforce Administrator

  • Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

  • Salesforce Platform Developer

  • Tableau Data Analyst

How can you benefit from CCPs?


  • Acquire in-demand skills for new job

  • Be trained by industry experts and attained an industry-recognised certification

  • Gain industry experience through On-The-Job training


  • Find and prepare suitable career switchers with right skill-sets

  • Acquire new capabilities

  • Enjoy up to 90% Salary Support and Course Fee Funding


It was initially difficult for me to understand the trainers as I was not from this industry. However, I started picking up the technical jargons after 2 days. CCP for Salesforce Platform Professionals does not only provide the structured training but follow-up with the participants and company


Hong Sung Boon (Steven)

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant, Workato
CCP for Salesforce Platform Professionals

Over the past 3 years, Tech JDI has been very reliant on word of mouth to generate new deals. CCP for Digital Sales Executive is very good in giving you an update and/or a refresher of the latest sales and marketing frameworks, tactics, and digital tools required to continue building and growing our business.


Darryl Chung

Digital Sales Executive, TechJDI
CCP for Digital Sales Executive Cohort 1



This Programme is open to all company-sponsored applicants who meet the following General Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a Singapore Citizen (SC) or Permanent Resident (PR) aged 21 years and above;
  • New hires must have graduated or completed NS, whichever is later, at least two years at the point of application;
  • Must be a newly hired PMET (i.e. not more than three (3) months from date of employment), and nominated by an eligible company for the CCP;
  • Must not be in a similar job role prior to joining the CCP;
  • Must not be a shareholder of the participating company, or its related companies;
  • Must not be related to the owner(s) of the participating company; and
  • Must not be immediate ex-staff of participating company or its related companies.


  • Registered or incorporated in Singapore with a valid Unique Entity Number (UEN) with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA);
  • Offer a full-time PMET position related to job role which the CCP is for, with a minimum fixed monthly salary of $2,300 or more, and at least a 12-month employment contract;
  • Ensure that new hires are not:
    • A shareholder of the CCP company, or its related companies;
    • Related to the owner(s) of the company; and
    • Immediate ex-staff of the company or its related companies.
  • Must put in place structured on-the-job training for the candidate; and
  • Commit to CCP training arrangements for the trainees

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