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Our comprehensive programme is specifically designed to empower mid-career switchers and support tech companies in enhancing their employer branding for tech hires. Through a range of programmes, including workshops, virtual interviews, networking sessions, and career advisories, we provide a holistic approach to facilitate successful career transitions and foster meaningful connections.

Whether you are a mid-career professional seeking to make a shift into the tech industry or a tech company aiming to attract tech talent, our programme offers the necessary resources and opportunities to achieve your goals. Join us as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of career development, empower individuals to thrive, and support tech companies in building a strong talent pipeline.


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Career Services Initiatives





7-week programme designed to rebuild, internalise, and reinforce positive mindsets in jobseekers through a blend of mentoring and small group peer-to-peer support

Half-day (four-hour) virtual workshop tailored to prepare candidates and mid-career switchers maximise success for the job search process?

‘Speed-dating’ style virtual interviews, career events and networking opportunities for jobseekers to meet and interact with employers

Career clinics with industry veterans and career advisors covering practical tips on career transition and essential skills for entry-level tech roles.

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